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      Node.js Software Engineer III

    Las Vegas


    You will be a member of an ever growing Node team that will be responsible for resolving issues, implementing new features and taking guidance from your team lead. As an engineer on our Node team, you will be converting API specs into functional endpoints that our Android, iOS and Web clients will use to consume and interact with. You should be able to self sufficiently resolve tickets, and should be able to accomplish MVP and POC objectives based on specs and previous experiences. At times you may be responsible for taking a leadership role on small projects where you will be guiding less-senior engineers to help complete the project.


    Expert level JavaScript skills

    Proficiency with JavaScript async/await

    5+ years experience with Node.js (not solely for the purposes of using npm or yarn)

    5+ years experience with Express.js

    management blockers and required assets to complete project

    Experience writing unit tests

    Experience with SQL

    Experience with PostgreSQL

    Ability to architect a Node + Express + SQL application and REST API from project requirements, including but not limited to the designing of routes, controllers and models from start to finish

    Experience creating estimating project timelines and communicating with project

    Ability to do peer code reviews and provide constructive criticisms to teammates


    Experience with TypeScript

    Experience with Cassandra DB

    Experience with Sentry

    Has trained other engineers on a project or at a company

    Has led a team of engineers on a project or at a company

    Please Respond With:

    Links to any production applications you have worked on or built

    Source code that can be reviewed through github, gitlab, or similar


    About the Company

    We’re a fast growing and unique social network that is trying to make a difference in the online communication space. We are constantly improving our existing features, while continuously releasing new features on a regular basis. As a product first organization, the results of our team members at the forefront of our priorities. With nearly a million users within less than a year, all team members are a vital part of our organization and as a company, we take pride in the products and services that we provide our users across the globe.

    Team Benefits

    Be part of the team you’ve been waiting to find. As an engineer on our team, you’ll have the opportunity to take ownership of a project, which gives you the luxury of constantly working to improve it in all areas. Our teams are constantly working to “do a thing better” and are always exploring ways to get better end results on all of our projects and features. You will be working with like-minded people who enjoy solving problems, improving the user’s experience and bettering our suite of products. Being part of our team gives you the unique opportunity to work at a company where you, as an engineer, are appreciated all the way up the chain to the top, as our CEO is also an engineer, who also helped build our products and lead our teams to success.

    Type of Engineer We’re Looking For:

    Ability to thrive in a startup environment.

    Likes to take ownership of a project and see it from start to finish.

    Enjoys the challenge of improving performance, squashing bugs and implementing new features.

    Is a self-starter.

    Can work independently, yet with a teamwork mindset.

    Finds new ways to solve problems.

    Continues their education with efforts of improving their skill sets and garnering new ones.

    Can communicate issues and concerns with a project or timeline.

    Can accept criticisms and learn from them.

    Can provide constructive criticisms in a positive way to help others grow.

    Engineers who analyze a task before execution.

    This opportunity requires you to be a U.S. citizen that lives in the Las Vegas valley, and will be working in our office located in Henderson. We offer competitive compensation and a great company culture you’ll enjoy being a part of.
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    Las Vegas


    You’re more than capable. You’re the one your teammates talk about in hushed tones. “How did he/she DO that?!?” “Is that even possible!?!”

    You’re able to make things work when others crumble under the pressure. You’re beyond just being “motivated” or a “self-starter”. We know that when we toss you the keys you’re going to excel and exceed our expectations. Because that’s what you do.

    You’re a grown up. You know how to hit your deadlines, and stay in touch when things get tricky. You’re a professional. You don’t need us to babysit you or tie your shoes. You’ll be telecommuting, and you’ll handle that responsibility like a champ.

    Oh, and you know how to communicate too. Because it’s better to say “No” right now, than it is to say “Yes” and screw something up six months down the line because you were afraid to speak your truth.


    We’re the employer you dreamed about while you were in college. Yep, we “get” you. We’ll recognize your wins, and reward you for them. We’ll help coach you past your weak points. We all have them. And we’re okay if you’re able to help us find our weak points too. We’re secretly hoping to find a new best friend and growth partner.

    If you’re capable and you have the personality to help us drive this thing forward instead of us having to drag you, we want to have a conversation. Send a resume, and do it quick, before somebody else does.

    PS- Let me repeat. PLEASE have a personality. You’ll find us a charming, fun environment to work and grow. If you’re capable, we’ll be your biggest cheerleaders and help drive you to every success.

    PPS- We also need you to have some relevant experience.


    Proven working experience in technical writing of software documentation

    Ability to deliver high quality documentation paying attention to detail

    Ability to quickly grasp complex technical concepts and make them easily understandable in text and pictures

    Basic familiarity with the SDLC and software development

    Standardize documentation for layout, style, and language, and create templates and scripts to automate as possible.

    Work with project teams to create documentation for diverse groups.

    Track revisions and edits, and maintain files.

    Review and improve formatting and visual components, and specifications.

    Familiarity with Adobe Design Suite CS6 (Illustrator, InDesign, PhotoShop)

    Familiarity with style guides such as AP Stylebook, Chicago Manual of Style, and

    Microsoft Manual of Style/Technical Publications

    Ability to work directly with engineering documents – specifications, test plans, diagrams, schematics, and so on.

    University degree in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent preferred

    Please send resume as an attachment.